Your favorite pictures & your favorite people

For the ones who will always be there

The Albums is for the timeless people in your life. It's for grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles and best friends far away. For the ones who savor each picture and detail of your story and then still ask for more.

It's for your kids. Their stories start in places only you remember… tell them. So that years and years from now they can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy seeing all those moments you were so captivated by them you just had to capture it.

And it's for you. The Albums is easy to use and stress-free so you can spend more time enjoying the moments you’re wanting to remember (instead of figuring out how).

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"It has been many, many years since we had a family reunion, so you can imagine how much this means to me. It’s a taste of what an evening with family can be - even if it’s virtual and we can’t actually BE in one place."
"The Albums is the place where the best photos I’ve chosen to frame our memories for an event or season will stay and last. It’s the place I’ll direct my kids to remember."
"The Albums allows me to spend more time selecting my most memorable pictures, telling a brief story, and writing captions without getting bogged down with technological choices and complicated layouts."
"I love how clean and uncluttered the site is and how easy it is to use! I'm so glad I found it!"
"The Albums makes the thousands of miles between us and our family seem insignificant-we feel connected despite the distance."
"It's so much more personal than posting pics elsewhere. It almost feels like a personal note to family and friends!"

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Because it should be easy to share your photos with just the people you want to

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Those first moments your family shared together are as quick and easy to find as your most recent ones.

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The perfect home for your favorite pictures from your smart phone and DSLR camera

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